Custom Index Tabs


- The group of tabs needed for one manual or book.
  BANK - A bank consists of tabs in a single row. A set of tabs may consist of multiple banks.
  CUT - The cut refers to the length of the tab. Tab length is determined by subtracting ½'' from each side of the tabbed edge of the sheet and dividing by the number of tabs in a bank.
Example: sheet size: 11'' x 8½''   tabbed edge: 11''   tabs per bank 5   (11 - 1 ÷ 5 = 2) 5 cut tabs = 2'' in length.
  STOCK - The actual paper your job will be printed on. 90# white index is the standard stock for index tabs; however, R.B.I.® offers a wide range of alternative papers from 32# ledger to 110# index with a vast selection of colors and finishes. Almost any stock is suitable for custom index tabs.
  LAMINATION - R.B.I.® can laminate your index tabs (tab only) with clear or any of 18 sparkling, contrasting colors of mylar film.
  STRIP REINFORCEMENT - A clear polyester strip heat sealed to the binding edge of the index stock. Designed to prevent the index from pulling out of 3 ring binders. Increases index life. Standard strip is 9/16''.
  DRILLING - R.B.I.® can drill your index sets for ring binders with a wide variety of hole sizes (standard is 9/32'') on any hole centering requirement (standard drilling is three holes on 8½'' outside centers).
  COLLATING - Gathering your index tabs into sequence within the set. R.B.I.® will ship indexes collated, or uncollated if preferred.
  TAB EXTENSION - Tab extension refers to the height of the tab itself extending outward from the sheet. R.B.I.® offers ½'', ⅜'', and ¼'' tab extensions.
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