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Printable Index TabsR.B.I.® offers a variety of printing options for your selection. First, choose the type size and style you prefer. Below you will find a list of common type styles. R.B.I.® can match almost any type style you may require; however, an upcharge may apply for type styles not listed.

Printable Index TabsIn addition, R.B.I.® offers a variety of colored inks (black ink is standard) to fill any requirement you may have. R.B.I.® can match almost any ink color; however a surcharge will apply to all jobs requiring colored inks.

Next, select one side or two sided printing. Also, body printing can be added if a logo, text, or graphic is required. Body copy is copy anywhere in the sheet other than the tab.

If you have any questions regarding printing options please call your R.B.I.® representative.

  Available fonts:
  • Arial (True Type)
  • Avant Guard (True Type)
  • Classic Typewriter Condensed (True Type)
  • Corporate Rounded (True Type)
  • Eros Bold (True Type)
  • Futuri (True Type)
  • Futuri Condensed (True Type)
  • Helvetica PostScript Type 1 Single Master Font
  • Helvetica Bold PostScript Type 1 Single Master Font
  • Obelisk (True Type)
  • Times New Roman (True Type)
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